Gabe Norwood battles monsters in Twitter comic: Cager Clash

Gabe Norwood battles monsters in Twitter comic: Cager Clash

  • Experience PBA
  • 2019-03-04 17:32:41

In between scouring the latest Basketball news and twitter feeds of our PBA athletes, the Experience PBA team has found a very interesting find lurking behind a series of tweets by one certain PBA player. Curiosity led us to a world where basketball, monsters, and comics combine.

We've discovered Cager Clash.

Who would have thought these ideas would result in a one of a kind project on Twitter - a comic/manga powered by tweets. And did we mention our very own PBA and Gilas Pilipinas Stalwart Gabe Norwood is the main character?

Questions led to another and we've found ourselves interviewing Everyst, the team behind the project. Everyst is a social media manga studio that uses Twitter statuses as platforms for their stories. These stories unfold in real-time through Twitter accounts that act like the stories' characters' vehicle.

Here's our conversation with Everyst:

Experience PBA (EPBA): How did this project come about? What's the inspiration behind the comic?

Everyst (EV): We're a social media manga studio from Tokyo that makes characters like @EddieEdEdEd who've been growing in popularity in the Philippines, so we started traveling to Manila more and more often. Lately, we come at least once a month.

On one of those trips, a friend introduced us to Gabe (Norwood) and we told him about our stories and what we do. Since Gabe has a background in writing (his degree is in journalism) he was excited to hear about it and we started talking about how we might collaborate. A bunch of ideas were thrown around, and since our team and Gabe love old kung-fu movies and Space Jam we thought about mashing the two together and seeing what might come out! What came out was Cager Clash and we figured out how we might share that story in our team's traditional format of live-tweeted stories.

EPBA: Can you tell us more about the team behind the comic?

EV: We've got @ellery3173 (Elmer Santos) doing the artwork, our editor-in-chief and writer @hent03 (Hengtee Lim) doing the writing, our team here @fromEveryst brainstormed with Gabe for the story idea, and then @RafeBoogs (Rafe Bartholomew, author of Pacific Rims) is our technical advisor on some of the local basketball history fine points. Gabe works with us from outline to finished episode, helping make sure it matches his vision for his alter-ego.

Then most importantly the followers play a big part and are really part of the team, seeing their comments and reactions helps guide where the story might go!

EPBA: What is the Cager Clash about?

EV: It's about Gabe getting pulled into an alternative universe by a fairy named "Fae," to compete in a tournament called Cager Clash. The Cager Clash tournament is a basketball meets MMA fight to the top. Why does he need to play in it though? The losers lose a lot more than just the game, but for all of what's at risk you'll have to follow him to see!

EPBA: How does the comic work? Is there a schedule we can look forward to reading Cager Clash?

EV: Gabe's character will tweet his story, little by little throughout a day. For example @CagerGabe will wake up in the morning and maybe tweet something like "#RiseAndGrind" then he might tweet an update at lunch about how practice went, and then at night, he might start posting the majority of his updates when Fae pulls him into the Cager zone. It's like following Gabe on Twitter if he was playing in a life-and-death basketball tournament, that just so happens to be against mutants and monsters, and that encourages elbows and a lot more!

EPBA: Great! I think this will be something that Gabe's and his team's fans will love and hopefully something that we can share with the whole PBA as well. Thanks, guys for answering our questions. We're already excited to see what's next on #CagerClash and Cager Gabe! :D

To check out the preview of Cager Gabe's adventures at Cager Clash, you can check out their Twitter Moment that has all the current tweets at:

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