The Philippine Dream of the FIBA World Cup Lives On

The Philippine Dream of the FIBA World Cup Lives On

  • Jericho San Luis
  • 2019-03-20 11:22:11

It's been a tough journey for Team Pilipinas. But, with hard work, we've finally made it to the FIBA World Cup in China. It was a needle in a haystack situation with multiple roster changes and an unfortunate incident.

Yes, the Philippine dream of the FIBA World Cup lives on and we will not go down not trying.

Now with the full support of the Philippine Basketball Association and its teams, our National Team has been equipped with a league-wide pool of players to choose from for its roster and the schedule of practices that the team needs and deserves.

There's a lot to look forward to this FIBA World Cup. Roster-wise, Guiao can dig into a variety of players to his heart's content. These players must make a profound impact on our game offensively and defensively. He's already got great results with Jayson Castro, Gabe Norwood, Scottie Thompson, June Mar Fajardo and more. These are the kinds of players we need.

The return of Lassiter to the National Team had a rocky start. But with more practices, he can gel into the team in no time. And speaking of returns, the last window proved that we need Blatche more than ever. We've seen him destroy teams with his efficient shooting and powerful stance. That doesn't mean though that we need to rely on him too much.

Then there's Jordan Clarkson, a player wanting to be part of the National Team for a long time. His stint at the Asian Games turned heads from other nations. His athleticism, scoring, and familiarity with the style of play of his other fellow NBA players will surely help us outlast the other teams. Plus, think of it. A Blatche and Clarkson tandem we've never dreamed of before.

Remember the 2014 World Cup moments?

Last World Cup, despite dropping the first round against better teams, the Philippines made a mark throughout the world. We've fought close and hard against Greece, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. We've taken Croatia to overtime despite the loss and won against Senegal. And who can forget Norwood dunking over Scola? Priceless.

This year, we will be playing against tough teams: Serbia and Italy are European powerhouses with players like Jokic, Bogdanovic, Bjelica, Gallinari, and Bellini. Angola, meanwhile, is one of the best teams in Africa.

We really have some work to do.

And for fans, whoever is called upon to represent our nation, let us continue cheering for our team. We'll let our National Team know that we have their back.

This is for our country. Laban Pilipinas!