Why You Should Watch PBA Games Live on-Court

Why You Should Watch PBA Games Live on-Court

  • Mikhael Sese
  • 2019-05-02 21:03:35

Watching PBA games on television has become a past time hobby of Filipinos around the world. Longtime fans, OFWs, and new fans get to be updated with our very own basketball league while we get to sit comfortably in our homes, enjoying the company of our families and friends.

Attending games live though is a different experience. There are a lot of things that you don't get to witness on television. PBA fans need to experience this at least once in their lifetime.

And so I compiled a list why you should watch PBA Games live on-court:

1. The Atmosphere

While cheering your favorite team at home can be quite enjoyable, cheering with other fans of your team can be quite the experience. Imagine hundreds of fans shouting as one and trying to out-cheer the other team's fans. To see and feel the fervor of fellow fans is something to behold. You are not alone, there are hundreds or thousands of fans with you as you cheer for your team.

Aside from the fans, the feel of the games is just different. It feels more intense, more energetic. You feel every touch of the ball, hear every stomp of the athlete's shoes on the hardwood, see the sweat and effort of the players as they outplay each other. The presence and the closeness of the game from you create a unique aura that you can only experience there.

Even each court has a different aura that only you can experience by attending the games. The largeness of the Mall of Asia and Smart Araneta courts has an epic feel to it, while the courts from the Cuneta Astrodome and Ynares Center Antipolo has an intimate vibe.